Our new itineraries offer a range of participatory activities, that are adventurous, stimulating and oh so much fun!

Take a look at the activities on offer.

Elephant Collaring

Be part of the team involved in collaring an adult wild elephant

Scenic flight over Mount Kenya

Fly in an open cockpit plane, over treetops and through gorges, marveling at the peaks of Mt Kenya

Time with elephant orphans

An exclusive experience with elephant orphans in the wilds of Tsavo. Spend evenings with them, and watch their loving interaction with their keepers.

Rock climbing and river rafting

Engage in these adrenaline packed adventures, from the comfort of your mobile tented camp located miles from civilization.

Walking among rhinos

Choose between the tame alternative of walking amongst the relatively docile white rhino, or opt for the thrill of tracking the endangered black rhino on foot.

Running with rangers

An exhilarating run in a conservancy filled with wildlife…are you up for the challenge?

Reseeding Kenya

Take to the skies to scatter the ‘seeds of life’…..seedballs that will spring to life during the rains and begin to carpet the countryside. Your contribution to battling climate change.

Community empowerment

Visit to the Maa Trust to learn how this community organization is empowering youth with vocational training, as well as assisting communities with activities like beekeeping and beadwork projects. You can also get involved!

Engage with female ranger teams

Listen to their stories and be a part of this progressive change

Stay tuned for our next blog, where we will discuss each activity in detail