Female Rangers are breaking down gender barriers and defying age-old patriarchal traditional norms, by leaving their household jobs to become wildlife rangers.

Visit them and hear their inspiring stories.

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Excellent Value and meets N. American expectations


When I booked my honeymoon, I wanted to make sure the money I was spending went to the local economy instead of foreign agents. Given I was spending thousands of dollars to do this, anybody would be hesitant of the quality of service they’re going to get from locals in the developing world. I spent dozens of hours doing the back and forth with several agencies and outfits from N. America, Europe and East Africa in search of that elusive combination of Exclusivity with the perfect variety of activities and great value for my money.

Wild Destinations was recommended to me a co-worker who grew up in Kenya but had lived in Canada his entire adult life. I chatted back and forth with Shaheen, the Principal of Wild Destinations on Skype and email, and found her communication to be detailed and thorough (and patient because I know I’m a difficult customer).


Gabby Kalaw, Canada