Since March 2020 when travel came to a standstill, many travelers have had to postpone safaris that were booked for 2020 and 2021. Since the pandemic is showing no signs of abating, the question now arises whether to resume traveling or to wait it out.

Currently we are experiencing the Omicron wave, and this variant is said to be the most  infectious one to date. The positive sign is that the symptoms of this variant seem to be less intense that that of previous variants, and there are indications that the virus is weakening.

So to travel or not……first let’s take a look at the rewards.

  • An African safari is the best place to be at this time during the pandemic – the wide open spaces, open vehicles, lots of sunshine, the fresh, invigorating & beneficient breezes, and remote locations with fewer crowds.
  • Virtually all the staff at the various camps and lodges, as well as the frontline staff in the tourism industry are fully vaccinated, so chances of a severe infection are slim.
  • The camps and lodges still have rigid Covid protocols in place – regular sanitizing of vehicles and all spaces, daily checking of temperatures, wearing of masks, regular washing of hands etc.
  • Most safari properties have moved to outdoor dining, which while keeping with social distancing rules, also adds a flavor of romance and adventure to your safari
  • An indirect reward is that you are stimulating and supporting the economies of communities that work in the tourism industry or are directly affected by the income of tourism dollars
  • Clients who have been on safari in the past 2 years, have described their experiences as the best of all time – smaller groups and less human interaction means more animals, less noise and better game viewing.

Are there any risks? Yes, to be sure there are some risks, but entirely manageable

  • If on arrival into Kenya, you exhibit flu like symptoms and after testing, you test positive for Covid 19, you will need to be quarantined in a Ministry of Health facility for 14 days. There are some travel insurances that cover for this eventuality.
  • If you test positive before departure from Kenya, you cannot travel for 10 to 14 days. In order to mitigate this risk, we can arrange for PCR testing to be done mid way through your safari. If you test positive at this time, you will have enough time to isolate and get well for the return trip home.

So what are you waiting for? Book your exclusive African Safari now!!!!