This constitutes a contract between the customer and Wild Destinations Limited, registered in Kenya, and will be subject to Kenyan law at all times.

Services provided include but are not limited to:


On Safari – Hotel/Lodge/Camp accommodation, safari transportation, game drives, entrance fees, balloon safaris, game walks, sundowners and bush meals.


Travel – Airfare on Domestic, Regional and International routes.


Submission of payment to Wild Destinations signifies the acceptance of the Terms & Conditions of Sale.


It is the responsibility of every customer whether traveling individually, or as part of a group to read and accept these Terms & Conditions before making any payments.

In the case of minors, the responsibility lies with the parent(s)/guardian(s).


All rates are quoted in US Dollars unless otherwise stated.


Rates are subject to change at any time, without notice, and we reserve the right to make adjustments if a particular rate was incorrectly stated or if fuel prices/park fees/government taxes etc. are increased without prior notice.


Not included in the rates are gratuities, meals (unless specified), beverages (unless specified), health & travel insurance (strongly recommended to have), telephone calls, additional bedding charges, laundry service, airline baggage (may or may not be chargeable) or seat assignment fees, passport and visa fees, some airport departure taxes and miscellaneous charges of a personal nature.




A deposit of 25% is required at the time you request a safari booking. This must be received within five days of booking to secure the reservation.

The balance will be due 60 days prior to departure. For booking confirmation less than 60 days, full payment is required.

Special payment policies may apply and will be advised at the time of reservation.


Wild Destinations may make minor changes to any tour without any right of compensation to the customer.

Major changes such as, without limitation, major alterations of itinerary, overnight stops, destination or timing, may be effected by Wild Destinations at its discretion for reasons of safety, convenience, a force majeure event, accident or breakdown.


For air travel, in order to guarantee against rate increases & fuel surcharges, and to avoid cancellation of airline reservations, airline tickets must be issued within their ticketing deadlines and Wild Destinations can only guarantee airfares quoted for reservations that have been paid in full before the ticketing deadline. It is therefore recommended that full payment for airfares be made on flight confirmation.


If payment is not received by the due date, all reservations will be cancelled and Wild Destinations will not be responsible for any penalties, fare increases, tax increases or fees incurred due to late payment, nor for rooms being unavailable for rebooking.





Payment may be made by direct bank transfer, mobile money transfer and online credit card payments from VISA, MasterCard and American Express.

All transaction charges for the above modes of payment must be borne by the customer, and in the case of mobile money transfer, the rate of exchange used, to be determined by Wild Destinations.




Passenger names provided to Wild Destinations for flight bookings should be as per the passport that will be used during travel.

The customer is responsible for all fees & expenses that may be incurred due to an incorrect name, or to the denial of travel due to an incorrect name. This includes misspelling of names.


Most airlines do not permit name changes, but for the few airlines that do permit name changes, Wild Destinations will charge a service fee of US$ 50 for name corrections or revisions, in addition to other fees assessed by airlines or other suppliers.


It is customer’s responsibility to verify that a passport is valid at the time of departure, remains valid for a minimum of six months after the return travel date, and has enough BLANK pages to attach any required visas for travel.


Certain countries require that children under 18 years of age must travel with the written consent of both parents, and it is the customer’s responsibility to comply with this requirement, if necessary.


Verification of the most current documentation and entry requirements with the relevant country’s consulate is the customer’s responsibility.

There will be no refund for losses incurred as a result of failure to obtain or provide the required valid documentation.





Wild Destinations has no control over and assumes no liability for airline strikes, flight schedule changes, flight delays, flight cancellations or other airline initiated changes.

In the event of such an occurrence, the airline is responsible and will compensate or re-route the customer as they deem necessary.





Checked baggage on board an aircraft may possibly be subject to fees, based on allowance, weight and size.

These baggage fees are the responsibility of the customer and should be paid direct to the supplier.

It is the customer’s responsibility to check with the relevant airline for their current baggage policy.

Wild Destinations is not responsible or liable for any delay, loss or damage to baggage and personal property.




Hotel facilities, guest services & amenities will be provided at the discretion of the hotel/lodge/camp, and are subject to change without notice.

Any additional costs incurred are the responsibility of the customer and will be payable direct to the hotel.

Allocation of rooms, interconnecting rooms and other accommodation requests are not guaranteed, and will depend on availability at the time of check-in, and is up to the discretion of the hotel staff at check-in.

Hotel descriptions & photos do not necessarily depict the actual room in which guests will be accommodated; images are for general description purposes only.

Room standards are the sole responsibility of the hotel and the hotel ratings are based on information provided by the hotel.





Customers requiring special facilities, services or accommodations should advise Wild Destinations at the time of reservation.

Wheelchair-accessible transportation & accommodations may be requested, but cannot be guaranteed.

Available accommodation standards vary by property and are not within the control of Wild Destinations.

Wild Destinations assumes no liability for the failure for the provision of such accommodations or transportations by their suppliers.

If the nature of the disability is communicated to us well in advance, then Wild Destinations is able to curate an itinerary specific to, and taking into account the nature of the disability.




Wild Destinations will charge a service fee of US$ 100 for customer-initiated change to any safari tour or airline booking held after receipt of payment.

Changes made to the booking may result in the reservation being re-costed. Due to this, additional fees may be applicable and will be charged to the customer.

A passenger “name change” for air tickets constitutes a cancellation and cancellation fees will apply.





Wild Destinations will charge a service fee of US$ 100 per person for changes made after commencement of travel.

Changes in return transportation and/or accommodation and other services to the extent permitted by provider’s tariff may be made only through Wild Destinations’ representatives.

Changes in travel arrangements that result in additional monies owed due to price differences, fuel surcharges, ticket re-issuance fees etc. are due and payable directly to Wild Destinations’ representatives at the time of change.


Once travel has begun, there will be no refunds for any unused or partially used travel/accommodation component for any reason.

Whilst every effort will be made to provide all items on the travel/tour itinerary as booked, Wild Destinations reserves the right to cancel or alter any reservation for any reason prior to departure.


Wild Destinations reserves the right to subcontract services and to act as an agent for disclosed principals & independent contractors, including but not limited to, carriers, transportation companies, tour operators, wholesalers, service companies, hotels etc.

Wild Destinations or any of its representatives will not be responsible or liable for any acts, omissions, financial instability, delays or changes by any of these entities, nor for any loss, injury, damage to person, property, or otherwise in connection with any accommodations, transportation or other services resulting directly or indirectly from any extraordinary circumstances, including but not limited to acts of God, dangers incident to the sea, fire, breakdown in machinery, acts of governments, terrorist activities, war, hostilities, civil disturbances, strikes, riots, thefts, epidemics, pandemics, medical quarantines, customs regulations, defaults, delays or cancellations of or changes in itinerary, routing or schedules from any cause beyond the control of Wild Destinations, or from any loss or damage resulting from insufficient or improperly issued passports, visas or other documents.




Customers may cancel their travel arrangements at any time.

We will require written notification from the person who made the booking.


Cancellations of tours will attract a fee, depending on the date when we receive notification of your request to cancel your reservations.


More than 90 days prior to departure – Loss of deposit
90 to 45 days –  35% of total costs
45 to 30 days  – 50% of total costs
30 days to 15 days – 75% of total costs
Less than 15 days – 100% cancellation charge

Different cancellation policies may apply for certain seasons e.g. Easter, Christmas etc. and will be communicated at the time of booking.
Failure to travel without prior notification is considered a No-Show and the entire cost of reservation is non-refundable.


For cancellation of tickets, most tickets are non-refundable once issued, but we will communicate the exact rules of a particular fare once we make a booking, but before issuance of the ticket.





The responsibility of Wild Destinations lies in reserving the items listed in the reservation details – the transportation, sightseeing arrangements, tours, excursions and accommodations.

“Suppliers” for the safaris will be supplied by independent contractors who are not agents, affiliates, representatives or employees of Wild Destinations.

Wild Destinations has no ownership interest in any Supplier.

All documentation, receipts & tickets are issued subject to the terms & conditions specified by the Supplier.

By utilizing the services of the Suppliers, it is agreed that Wild Destinations shall not be liable for the following:

  1. Any accident, loss, injury or damage to you or to those traveling with you in connection with any accommodations, transportation or other services or resulting directly or indirectly from any occurrences or conditions including, but not limited to, negligence, faulty vehicles, equipment malfunction, strikes, “acts of God”, riots, terrorist acts or threats, wars, acts of governmental authority, theft, delays, adverse weather conditions, environmental conditions, bankruptcy, cancellations or changes in itineraries or schedules, epidemics/pandemics or quarantine situations or
  2. Loss or damage to property or injury or death to persons, caused by reason of any act or omission, intentional, negligent or otherwise by such third party Suppliers.


Please note all travel documents and required personal identification, as well as compliance with agricultural regulations are your responsibility.

These Terms & Conditions under which you agree to take our tours & safaris cannot be changed or amended except in writing, signed by an authorized officer of Wild Destinations Limited.

For your air tickets, the customer contract in use by the airline, constitutes the sole agreement between the customer and the airline.

Wild Destinations reserves the right to decline to accept any member of the vacation at any time prior to departure or during the course of the tour.

Wild Destinations reserves the right to provide services and/or accommodations of equal standard & quality, in the event that the advertised services & accommodations are not available as stated, due to reasons beyond our control.


For complaints, please alert the supplier at the time so that matters may be put right at the earliest opportunity.

If you are still dissatisfied, you can email or telephone us as soon as possible.

For any written complaints, we need to receive this either by email or post/delivery, within 30 days of your return.

Once we receive the complaint, we will take it up with the relevant supplier, but it should be noted that there is no guarantee of refund, whether partial or full.





By making a booking with Wild Destinations, the customer acknowledges, that in all events we shall not be held liable for any incidental or consequential damages, and that the sole extent of Wild Destinations’ liability, if any, shall never exceed the amount actually paid by the customer to Wild Destinations.



These Terms & Conditions of Sale are subject to change at any time at Wild Destinations’ sole discretion without notice.

Any dispute arising out of any vacations offered shall be subject to the exclusive jurisdiction of the Kenyan courts.